Real Life Debt Stories

Real Life Debt Stories

I love to feature real stories on my blog and these real life debt stories are so inspiring. These stories are of real people who have experienced debt and how they are working to become, or have become, debt free.

These stories show how people can easily get into debt and the reality of just how tough it can be to get out of debt.  They also look at the success of different methods of debt repayment.  There is not a 'one size fits all' method to becoming debt free.  Your debt free journey is a personal one, a path that YOU have to tread and one that has to work with your circumstances.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their story so far.


Real Life Debt Stories

Kelly & James

Nikki from The Female Money Doctor

Charli from One Wage Family

Skint Dad's Wife - aka Skint Mum

Father with Cents

Pretty Debtless

Thrifty Clair

Jen from Girl Seeks Joy

Simplistic Steph

No More Debt

Formerly Skint

Jen from A Little Piece of My Life

Will you share your Real Life Debt Story?

If you would like to share your story I would love you to fill in my questionnaire.  This can be completely confidential and names will not be shared OR if are happy for your name or a pseudonym to be used, I can use it.  If you also have a blog or are part of the Instagram Debt Free Community, I am happy to link to your blog or profile too.


Looking to Start Your Own Debt Free Journey?

My 'Debt Busting - Get Set for Success' Ebook is available on Amazon for just £1.79 (or free on Kindle Unlimited).  This book will guide you through 6 practical steps showing you how to start tackling your debt, including:

  • Creating your Statement of Affairs
  • How to plan your budget
  • Choosing your debt repayment method
  • Making your money work for you