1p Savings Challenge

The 1p Savings Challenge is a really simple way to save over £650 in just one year.  You can start the challenge at any time of year.  This post will explain how the challenge and includes access to a Free 1p Savings Challenge printable, which means you can get startedRead More →

My Best Money Saving Tips

No matter how hard you save and how much you plan, there is always something lurking around the corner.  If you need to batten down the hatches and get back on the money saving trail then read my best money saving tips: Money Saving Tip 1 - Save your Change I loveRead More →

Control your Spending with a Spending Diary

Do you have more month than money?  Are you confused about where all your money goes?  Then here is your solution – you need to control your spending with a spending diary!  This simple sheet of paper will revolutionise your spending.  It will show you exactly where your money isRead More →

It can be difficult to stay motivated when you are trying to save money. Having something visual and tangible like a Savings Chart will really help you to achieve your savings goals. With this free printable savings chart, you can get started right away. Free Printable Savings Chart You canRead More →

Text and a large image of a 1 penny

Are you looking for a money saving challenge?  Do you lose motivation and want a way to keep saving?  Then why not try The Penny Challenge?  It's a real simple way to save money and you can even have a little chart you can colour in as you go -Read More →

What is the Easiest Savings Challenge? It’s the start of a New Year, so how about starting an easy savings challenge.  Try the easiest savings challenge as I did during 2017.  I saved £61 by doing nothing more than throwing my loose change into some jars and forgetting about itRead More →

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As the saying goes – ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ – this is my inspiration for my savings challenge.  I am going to save my change and see how much I have at the end of the year.Read More →