Selfie Ring Light - Image show a white selfie ring light that is lit up with 36 leds - it also states at the bottom 'not just for selfies'

Improve your Photography with a Selfie Ring Light These days taking photos with your phone is commonplace.  Although not everyone is a professional photographer, everyone wants their images to look good.  As a blogger, this has become even more important.  I do not have a professional photographer to take myRead More →

Do I Need a Niche to Start a Blog

Do I need a niche to start a blog?  This seems to be one of the most common questions posed by ‘would be’ bloggers and if you had asked me when I first started my blog, my answer would be completely different to the answer I would give now, andRead More →


‘What is Pinterest?  I’ve heard all the fuss about it, I’ve even signed up BUT I have no idea what I am doing or how I should be using it.’ ‘It has the ‘most confusing new-user experience ever.’ These are just some of the quotes I have seen or heardRead More →

Why I Started My Blog and My 5 Biggest Surprises

I Love reading about how other people started their blogs and the journey they have been on, as the hints and tips they have are so helpful.  Although I haven’t been blogging for very long, I wanted to write my own account in case it may help someone else.Read More →

Before starting my own blog, I’d signed up to Bloglovin', as I loved how easy it made following the blogs I loved.  It instantly shows your readers when a new post has been published and ensures that they never miss one. As soon as I started my blog, I knewRead More →

Pinterest Group Board for New Bloggers and New Pinners

So you’ve heard of Pinterest.  You’ve even signed up and had a blast pinning.  Then you decide to start a blog or a business and realise that one of the most recommended ways of getting your content out there is via Pinterest. Ok, so you create some images suitable forRead More →