On Sunday, as the weather was so nice (cold but bright and sunny) we decided to venture out as a family.  Obviously, we didn’t want to spend any money – well, as little as possible.  We are saving every spare penny towards our next trip – details to come soon.Read More →

Five frugal things

Welcome to my weekly update where I like to account for any successful money saving we managed, any money making ideas I tried, how many No Spend Days (NSDs) happened (which is a personal challenge) and any ‘Good Buys’ I made.  Although my ultimate goals are to save money andRead More →

One of the easiest ways to make the most of your money is to join a cashback site. There are a number of cashback sites out there but here I will be talking about Quidco. I have been a member of Quidco for a couple of years and have earned overRead More →

I like to set myself some monthly goals. Not only does it help to motivate me, it helps to see what I have achieved and keeps me accountable.  Here are my Monthly Goals - November 2016.Read More →

Our next trip takes place in a couple of weeks and we are really looking forward to it. Venice is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time and I can't believe we are finally going. DH visited Venice about 32 years ago for a day trip, whilstRead More →

Well yesterday was a good moneysaving day - a trip out to a local country park. We took all our own food, including ice creams ( much cheaper from the supermarket and will last a couple of hours in a cool bag with a couple of ice packs) and apartRead More →