If you are trying to save money, you will need to look at everything you currently buy and consider trying cheaper alternatives.  I needed a new lipstick and was hoping I could continue saving money on make-up too.  I was surprised to see Poundland had a make-up range.  For only £1 I decidedRead More →


Do you love to have family days out?  We do too.  The trouble is, they can work out expensive.  By the time you have calculated your travel cost, petrol, entrance fees and food, you can be looking at way over £100. As part of our money saving efforts, we alwaysRead More →

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Another fabulously frugal week here in the Money Saving Journeys Household.  From free food to cheap Sky TV, you can find us making the most of it.  Here's our Five Frugal Things: I’m linking up with Cass, Emma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky. 1.Read More →

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We all want to produce real and healthy food for our families, right?  Let's face it though, this can be a time consuming task. I love cooking and have always felt proud to say that I cooked everything from scratch.  I felt content in the knowledge that I was providing whatRead More →

If you have a mountain of chocolate left over from Easter, then this is the recipe for you!  If you don’t have a mountain of chocolate left over, this is still the recipe for you as you must be in need of a chocolate boost by now!  Either way, thisRead More →

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As the saying goes – ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ – this is my inspiration for my savings challenge.  I am going to save my change and see how much I have at the end of the year.Read More →

Following the announcement that laptops, tablets and some mobile phones will be banned from hand luggage on certain flights, I am taking a look at the actual details of the restrictions on cabin baggage and how this will affect travellers.  Please note, this article includes details of the UK ban. Read More →

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go on a train trip to Birmingham.  It was to be a quick 50 minute trip on the train, a wander around Birmingham and a meal before heading home. Let’s just say, it didn’t go quite to plan.Read More →

Do I Need a Niche to Start a Blog

Do I need a niche to start a blog?  This seems to be one of the most common questions posed by ‘would be’ bloggers and if you had asked me when I first started my blog, my answer would be completely different to the answer I would give now, andRead More →

That’s right a saving of £200 on our car insurance!  What could you do with £200 right now?  You certainly wouldn’t hand it to your insurance company as a gift would you?  Except that is exactly what we would have been doing if we hadn’t taken the plunge into shoppingRead More →


‘What is Pinterest?  I’ve heard all the fuss about it, I’ve even signed up BUT I have no idea what I am doing or how I should be using it.’ ‘It has the ‘most confusing new-user experience ever.’ These are just some of the quotes I have seen or heardRead More →

Want a quick and easy pancake recipe?  I have just the thing.  I am giving you the recipe I use every year to make my pancakes, along with a list of my favourite SWEET and SAVOURY toppings and information on what you can do with LEFTOVER pancakes.Read More →

It was half term last week and I had a couple of days off work.  We had a couple of things planned, one of which was to pick up some more ‘learning books’ as I call them.  You know the sort, the ones that are produced by CGP.  There areRead More →

Cash Rewards with the citizenme Phone App

Back in January I wrote about how I wanted to investigate ways of increasing my income.  My plan was to investigate lots of different ways from money making apps to selling products.  I decided to start with some of the easier ways that I could do with my mobile phone. Read More →

Why I Started My Blog and My 5 Biggest Surprises

I Love reading about how other people started their blogs and the journey they have been on, as the hints and tips they have are so helpful.  Although I haven’t been blogging for very long, I wanted to write my own account in case it may help someone else.Read More →

Berlin Travel Highlights

  It is over a month now since we visited Berlin, I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed.  I intended to write about out trip last month – but real life can quickly get in the way.  However, the memories are still fresh in my mind, so IRead More →

Decluttering - 3 Years on - 5 Top Tips

Three years ago we had a MASSIVE declutter.  Now it wasn’t as if we had rooms full of clutter, this was just ‘stuff’ that we either didn’t want or need anymore.  Many of the items we had kept ‘just in case’ or because they were large items and we couldn’tRead More →

Before starting my own blog, I’d signed up to Bloglovin', as I loved how easy it made following the blogs I loved.  It instantly shows your readers when a new post has been published and ensures that they never miss one. As soon as I started my blog, I knewRead More →

We fancied a curry at the weekend and I always like to make my own.  My favourite thing about making a curry is how quick, easy and cheap they are to make and there are so main variations that you will have no problem finding one you like.Read More →

Over the last few years we have been on a mini cruise a total of 6 times and each time we were able to go when they were on offer! We have mini cruised to Amsterdam (x2), Rotterdam (x2), Bruges and Oslo. We have used both P&O and DFDS forRead More →

Pinterest Group Board for New Bloggers and New Pinners

So you’ve heard of Pinterest.  You’ve even signed up and had a blast pinning.  Then you decide to start a blog or a business and realise that one of the most recommended ways of getting your content out there is via Pinterest. Ok, so you create some images suitable forRead More →


UPDATE:  Receipt Hog has closed and has been replaced by Storewards You can read all about Storewards here. One of the first apps I have decided to try is Receipt Hog. This app is completely free to download and free to use and is available both in the App Store and GoogleRead More →

Save Money - Pick Up Reduced Gift Packs NOW!

  Another great item to pick up in the sales is Gift Packs. You will find all sorts of gift packs from perfume, men’s fragrance, hair products, cooking, make-up etc. You can buy these now and either save for next Christmas or, what I like to do, save for comingRead More →

Hit the Sales - Buy These Things Now for Next Year

  Well, the big day is over for another year and lots of my family, friends and colleagues are just as excited about today - the start of the sales season! I’m excited too, but not in the same way.  I do not need or want any more clothes.  IRead More →

  This week I am NOT linking up with ,  and  in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky because I haven’t managed anything frugal this week AT ALL! So instead, to keep myself accountable when I look back, I will list the Five NOT FrugalRead More →

Things to do Christmas Eve to Save Time Christmas Day

  There is no doubt that Christmas is a busy time of year and for those cooking the Christmas Dinner, Christmas Day can pass in a blur.  If you are not buying your foods ready prepared as I am this year, as explained in this recent post, then to make thingsRead More →

Our Stress Free Christmas Dinner

  This year I am cooking a stress-free Christmas dinner courtesy of frozen food.  In previous years I would have been prepping days in advance, cooking things and freezing them ready for the big day.  Then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would be spent peeling, chopping and blanching.  This yearRead More →

  Our next trip takes place in a couple of weeks and this time we are off to Berlin.  I love visiting places where there is lots to see and do as this really allows you to get a true feeling for the country and I particularly love capital cities.Read More →

8 top tips to save money of gift wrapping, save, saving, save money, saving money, christmas, xmas, gift wrap, gift wrapping, wrapping paper

  You have purchased all your Christmas gifts, now you need to start wrapping them.  Every year I tell myself that I will wrap as I go along – but I don’t.  Every year I tell myself not to leave it until the last minute – but I do.  IRead More →

Five Frugal Things

  I am really enjoying writing these posts each week.  It really makes me see where we can and are saving money each week.  Before I started writing about these things, I would still have made the savings (either intentionally or unintentionally) but I wouldn’t have really been aware ofRead More →

How we Spent 48 Hours in Venice

Venice - What can I say – wow! It’s a place you’ve heard of, a place you have seen on TV or in books, a place you know has Gondolas.  In reality – until you have visited, you don’t really know it at all.  That is how I felt afterRead More →

This is not a sponsored post, just hints and tips on what we have learned through our love of going to the theatre and trying to save money whilst doing so. Saturday night saw us taking a trip to our local theatre .  We try to go to the theatre atRead More →

1.Cashback We went into town to do our Christmas shopping last weekend. I earned £2.47 in cashback on a purchase I made instore via Quidco. This is because I have my debit and credit cards registered with them, so whenever I go into a store that offers ‘instore’ cashback andRead More →

Welcome to my weekly update where I like to account for any successful money saving we managed, any money making ideas I tried, how many No Spend Days (NSDs) happened (which is a personal challenge) and any ‘Good Buys’ I made.  Although my ultimate goals are to save money andRead More →

This weekend I am off into town to start my Christmas gift buying.  I like to do this early as it gives me chance to look around for the best offers and ensures that any spending is kept within my budget.  Here are the tips I like follow: Tip 1Read More →